“Daytime Nightmare” – Official Teaser for Festival Run

Lucy’s life changes when her own mind turns against her and her nightmares become her daymares.

Directed and written by: Katrina Grey 

Starring: Katrina Grey, Ron Smoorenburg, Alexander Winters, Christianna Chaiwanna, David Asavanond, Raluca Porumbacu, Bonnie Zellerbach, John Buster Flano, Jonathan Samson

Daytime Nightmare brings nightmares into reality, whilst following the story of Lucy. Not many people make movies about Nightmares, Nightmare Disorder or Mental Illnesses. The story of Daytime Nightmare addresses this subject in the form of a psychological drama/horror film in an interesting way, so it can reach out and appeal to a wide audience, spread awareness and hopefully reach out to those who can relate to this subject.

Nightmare Disorder is known as dream anxiety disorder, a sleep disorder characterised by frequent nightmares and involves undesirable experiences that occur while you’re falling asleep, during sleep or when you’re waking up.

Nightmares turned into reality in the form of motion picture. Took us little over two years of work and amazing team to complete this movie. Our independent movie Daytime Nightmare written/ directed/ produced and starring Katrina Grey. Katrina, originally from Slovak Republic, is a first time filmmaker. Daytime Nightmare is a psychological drama/thriller/horror, 85 min long feature film.

We are honoured and excited to release the teaser and start officially festival run.

Website: http://greyfilms.co.uk/daytimenightmare/

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