Shot-on-Video Horror/Sci-Fi Epic “Ozone” Now Available as Restored MOD Blu-ray

2-Disc Signature Edition Also Available with Slipcover, Booklet, Reversible Artwork

Tempe Digital announces a brand-new restored Blu-ray for the 1994 horror movie “Ozone” will be available from retailers nationwide August 11 for $24.99 SRP, marking the first time this VHS-era video store favorite has been released on the format. Advance preorders are available now, shipping in late June exclusively from Makeflix.

Following a series of work-for-hire camcorder misfires in the early ‘90s, producer/director J.R. Bookwalter (“The Dead Next Door,” “Robot Ninja”) embarked on a quest for personal creative redemption with “Ozone,” a shot-on-video epic Cult Movies called “risky enough to be independent but slick enough to have the feel of a big studio production.” While on a stakeout, hardboiled cop Eddie Boone (James Black) gets injected with a dangerous new designer drug causing nightmarish side effects. While searching for his missing partner, Eddie discovers the urban streets full of mutants, monsters, and mayhem orchestrated by the mastermind behind the lethal narcotic!

Painstakingly restored from original Super-VHS-C camera masters with a dynamic 5.1 surround sound remix, camcorder classic “Ozone” explodes onto Blu-ray looking sharper and more vibrant than ever courtesy of an extensive 2020 color grading. The manufactured-on-demand (MOD) Blu-ray comes packed with vintage and never-before-seen special features including bloopers & outtakes, TV appearances, two HD still galleries, and an all-new audio commentary.

The restored “Ozone” raises the bar for presenting standard-definition content on the Blu-ray format, featuring higher-bitrate H.264 encoding for all video elements combined with quality DTS-HD Master Audio for the main feature, optional English and Spanish subtitles, and Castilian Spanish dubbed mix in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround.

For collectors, “Ozone” is also available in a feature-packed, two-disc Signature Edition ($29.99 SRP) featuring the original 1994 home video version captured from the archival S-VHS edit master with optional production audio and no faux “filmlook” processing for the first time ever, plus a bonus newly-recorded commentary track and additional vintage extras. Available exclusively from online retailers Makeflix, RoninFlix, Diabolik, and Grindhouse Video, “Ozone” Signature Edition also upgrades the packaging with a slipcover, full-color eight-page booklet with liner notes, and reversible artwork limited to 1,000 units.

The previous 2004 remastered version of “Ozone” is available to rent or own from streaming providers Amazon, Google Play, Vimeo on Demand, and others (restored version coming soon), with theatrical bookings handled by AGFA.

Watch the first five minutes of “Ozone” restored!


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