New Short Horror Film EXPULSE Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Film exploring the murderous consequences of deceit and gentrification.

When Chanise, an African American woman learns of a deceitful plan to evict her from her home, she begins to plot the demise of her landlords. A new short horror film inspired by the likes of Jordan Peele, and Rod Serling.

Rod Wess’s latest short film looks to chill his audience, all while delivering a social message about the ongoing issue of gentrification in urban neighborhoods around the country.

The film looks to explore the themes of privilege, race related issues, as well as the psychological effects of abuse, imprisonment, and murder!

Uniscope Pictures has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to help bring this story to life.

Follow the links below to contribute to the campaign, and take advantage of the amazing perks they have to offer.

Join the “Expulse” facebook page for the latest updates.

Special Announcements will also be posted on the Uniscope Website

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