GeekFest Film Fests Year 8: The World’s Largest Traveling Comic Convention Opens for Entries for it’s 2021 Tour

One of the top rated genre film festivals on Film Freeway Opens on July 1st with a special month long entry discount for science fiction, horror, fantasy, action and fan film filmmakers. Looking for the best genre indie films on the planet!

Unlike any film festival or comic convention, GeekFest combines both, with multiple stops throughout the festival tour year, allowing filmmakers to take part in events across North America and be invited to comic conventions to be part of panels, promotions and the opportunity to win prizes at every tour stop.

Plus opportunities unlike any film festival, with marketing and promotion opportunities for an entire year…for only one entry fee!!

Screen your genre indie film where your film gets a built in audience of scifi, horror, fantasy, action and fan film fans, and be a part of the pop culture events unlike any event out there!

In the 1st 7 years, GeekFest has programmed in over 50 comic conventions with a combined attendance of over 6 million, with screenings that have been watched by over 70,000

Submit Early and save money on the entry fees!

Come for the Film Festival, Stay for the Comic Convention!

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