GOLD MEDAL WINNER in Fiction Anthology 

Reader’s Favorite Book Awards 2019

One of Book Authority’s “52 Best New Horror Books to Read in 2019”

A man obsessed with his own death, a sleep-deprived husband, a violently jealous teenager, and a businesswoman on a lethal trip to Europe are just a few of the characters inhabiting Billy Hanson’s dark vision of the world. Here, danger lurks within every stranger, co-worker, close friend, family member…and even within your own mind. Because when Spider Season comes around, fear is everywhere.

This chilling collection explores the shadowy corners of the human psyche where delusion, rage, and paranoia can thrive. Grim fantasy and nightmarish realities collide, monsters and men are one in the same, and daily life can become bloody horror. Spider Season is the debut collection of dark stories by Billy Hanson, stunningly illustrated by Karl Slominski. Both haunting and mesmerizing, these stories are sure to leave you wide-eyed and gasping for breath.

“Creepy, sometimes frightening, sometimes downright disturbing. Hanson crafts the perfect book for the horror-lover in your life. With varying story lengths and even a few short film scripts included, Spider Season is an unexpected take on people’s darkest impulses.”
– Brea Grant, Reading Glasses Podcast

“This book sits comfortably on your shelf between Matheson and King, which is to say read it before bed at your own peril.”
– Dan Ast, L.A. Macabre

“I’ll be forever kept up by the sleep-themed tales that bookend the collection, and “Music from the Gun Room” is frightening for reasons that go well beyond the supernatural. But my personal favorite in this just-in-time-for-Halloween collection is “The Clearing,” a nasty little homespun yarn that suggests male entitlement is far scarier than any haunted house (or forest). If the Southerner talks music, then the Mainer talks horror, and I can’t wait to see what Billy comes up with next.”
– Dan Caffrey, Co-host of The Losers’ Club: A Stephen King Podcast and Halloweenies: A Michael Myers Podcast

“Billy Hanson’s Spider Season is a ride that takes you to the depths of horror. His stories put you face to face with monsters both human and non-human, psychological thrillers, and evil that you know exists but don’t want to acknowledge. It was like Rod Serling’s Night Gallery without the humor and much more terror. Masterfully executed and worth the read, or the listen as the audiobook was wonderfully produced. I hope he puts out another book.”

“Holy hell this book is great! The author has a great touch with the short story format and I was constantly creeped out, shocked and on the edge of my seat! Great page turner and a quick read for any horror fan!”

“Spider Season is a creepy collection of short stories, and a book I couldn’t put down. The tales will leave you feeling on edge – exactly what a horror book should do! Reminds me of Stephen Kings’ works.”

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Billy Hanson is a writer and filmmaker, with credits ranging from music videos and comics to web series and films, including Lightning Dogs on Funny or Die and the acclaimed adaptation of Stephen King’s Survivor Type, lauded as “one of the most jaw-dropping adaptations of (King’s) ever made…” He has also written for the horror anthology comic Grimm Tales of Terror. His first collection of short stories, Spider Season, was released on October 9th, 2018. Born and raised in Maine, he now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

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