Big Brother 9 Reality Star Lisa Appleton Takes On Food And Murder With New Cookbook And True Crime Podcast

Lisa Appleton may be best known for her raunchy appearance in Big Brother 9, but she is now looking to reinvent herself by bringing something new to the table and they are both a couple of bangers.

Lisa Appleton recently released her new cookbook tentatively titled ‘Cook with Lisa: Essential Budget Cooking’ which has been released as an E-Book through Mimi Fox Publishing and features 40+ family recipes which can be made on a budget.

Lisa had the following to say about the book:

“It’s aimed at people like me, people who have to live on a budget. I have some tantalising dishes, like my Windy Cauliflower Surprise, my Sticky Sausages, my Leftover Rally and my Sausage and Cabbage Bowl Buster that will fill you up in no time.”

“Besides being cheap, they can be cooked in no time and have you ready for Hollyoaks. My Italian Stallion will get readers moaning and groaning. And my pasta balls will give you a good work out. You need to beat the meat to tenderise it; I beat mine for around 15 minutes – but that’s optional and all depending on how much time you have.”

Lisa said she had always wanted to pen a cookbook, ever since her time on benefits:

“It really made me think about what I had to spend. It was such a dark time and being homeless really hit home. Now I save like mad and I’m only happy that Miami Fox Publishing has given me an avenue to help others that are in the same boat I was.”

Lisa Appleton is also collaborating with author Bryn Curt James Hammond (A Case for Murder Brittany Murphy Files), who is also currently appearing on Investigation Discovery’s Brittany Murphy Documentary, for a NEW weekly TRUE CRIME & MYSTERY podcast, SO… Bryn & Lisa ‘DO’ Wine & Crime.

WINE & CRIME has already broadcast several live shows, with special guest appearances that have included Jade Michael LaFont of The Amityville Legacy fame.

“We started out as a gossip podcast, but I had no idea who these people were that Bryn was talking about. I knew who Johnny Depp was, but had no idea who Amber Heard was or did.

After the second show, when we had Sophie Anderson (porn star turned pop star) as a guest, we had a lot of true crime fans tune in to listen to Bryn, because he was on the Brittany Murphy Documentary, so we organically became Wine & Crime.” – Lisa Appleton

Bryn Curt James Hammond, who was inducted into the Las Vegas Hall of Horror in 2018, added:

“I wasn’t aware Lisa loved True Crime as much as me. Well, I say True Crime – Lisa leans more towards conspiracy theories, whereas I like the grounded cases that I can sink my teeth into and debunk.”

SO… Bryn & Lisa DO Wine & Crime is filled with fun and banter between the two unlikely best friends, Bryn and Lisa, and sees the duo tackle a NEW case each week. “Their latest case is more sensitive in nature.” Lisa said of the recently released ‘Death of Kenneka Jenkins’ episode.

“It’s a terrifying case, and I hadn’t heard of it until Bryn brought it to my attention. It has everything!”

Cook with Lisa: Essential Budget Cooking is available now on Amazon Kindle and from all good E-Book stores. Lisa’s upcoming biography BALLS: Beyond Anxiety, Love, Light, Success is now available to pre-order through Waterstones.

You can listen to SO… Bryn & Lisa DO Wine & Crime LIVE, every Wednesday, 11PM GMT+ 1 on Podbean

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