Original Horror Stories Come to New Website LOCKING UP

From editor and creator Duaa M. Aljalous…

I have recently developed a website called Locking Up. It features original horror stories by all different writers, including myself.

A recent example of my own personal work is a new series I have started called Sisters Grimm, in which I take our childhood fairytales that we’ve grown to love and retell them in a realistic and horrific rendition of the story.

We also include an Arts Page, where artists can showcase their horror-inspired work, as well as a Music section on our Home Page, in which our readers can listen to the chilling music of our aspiring musicians.

We encourage any writers, artists, and musicians to submit in their own work so that they can receive the acknowledgment and support that they deserve.

Contact us on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @Lockingupweekly
Visit our website at Readlockingup.com

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