‘Symphony of Death Part 4: Shadowman VS the Undead’ New Release from Author William Pattison

Book: Symphony of Death Part 4: Shadowman VS the Undead
Author: William Pattison
Publisher: WCP Enterprises Publishing
Website: https://wcpenterprises.weebly.com/
Release Date: July 15th 2020

King of Splatter Punk, William Pattison is back with the fourth installment in his epic horror anthology series Symphony of Death. In this volume of the series William starts us off with a prologue story that takes us in the world of the record industry. When an executive’s assistant gets a vision of his boss committing suicide, he is forced to try and stand in Hell’s path to prevent this bloody end. Then William hits you with an epic tale of a Real Life Super Hero’s origin journey in wastelands of the zombie apocalypse. This volume takes this story of horror, blood, Rock and Roll, and Hell to a new level of terror.

“Shadowman VS The Undead was one of the toughest stories to write of all the stories so far in this anthology, but I am so proud of what I’ve achieved with this story.”—Author William Pattison
“The story plays like a graphic novel. The characters and scenery was very descriptive and the story took me there and made it easy to really put myself in the middle of it all with the characters and the world they were fighting to survive in.” –Joshua La Rue–The 80’s Slasher Librarian


Symphony of Death
Thirty years ago Maestro Philip Grissini wrote a rock symphony titled The Symphony of Death. It was symphony dedicated to the spirit of death. It was said that as he was composing the symphony Philip’s entire family died one by one, including his year-old baby daughter. It was also said that five minutes after he finished the symphony Philip himself fell to the floor of his study dead. This was witnessed by his agent Claude Le Monte.

Since that night companies of musicians have tried to perform The Symphony of Death only to meet horrible endings. Now Danny Darkk, King of Horror Rock, is performing The Symphony of Death. As Danny performs he starts seeing terrifying images, horrific stories playing out in front of his eyes. Is Danny going insane or is The Symphony of Death leading him on a road to his own demise?

Shadowman VS The Undead
Felicia Donavan was insane and living in a fantasy world until a real-life superhero called The Shadowman saved her and brought her back to the reality of the zombie apocalypse. Seeing her potential, The Shadowman secretly tries to groom Felicia to be his replacement, but she finds out and tells him that she is no hero and has no interest in sharing his delusion. But then a greater evil than even zombies arrive in the city of San Mareno and The Shadowman is captured. Now will Felicia find the hero within her and face the messenger of Death himself or will the survivors of San Mareno be doomed to either death or slavery to a madman who can control an army of the undead?

King of Splatter Punk, William Pattison takes the superhero genre and that of the zombie apocalypse sub-genre of horror and meld them into a tale of reality and its perception versus fantasy as well as the idea of what makes a hero in a setting of insanity and darkness. This story will truly chill and thrill the reader.

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