Celebrate 45 Years of JAWS, Plus AMERICAN PSYCHO, VAMPIRA, & UHF Apparel from Fright-Rags

Available Now at Fright-Rags.com

Fright-Rags celebrates 45 years of Jaws with exclusive merchandise from the classic film, along with new apparel from American Psycho, Vampira, and UHF.

Commemorate Jaws’ 45th anniversary with Fright-Rags’ reproduction of the vintage tee worn by the crew during the making of the film. Quantities are limited! Plus two new designs, a bestselling reprint, and Jaws and Amity Island hats.

It’s hip to be wearing Fright-Rags’ American Psycho apparel. Return some videotapes like Patrick Bateman in any of the four shirts, including a pair of ’80s-inspired designs.

Tune in to The Vampira Show with Fright-Rags’ collection dedicated to the first horror host. Vampira is featured on two shirts, an enamel pin, and a pair of socks.

Please stand by for Fright-Rags’ UHF collection. The “Weird Al” Yankovic film has received three new shirts and a Wheel of Fish enamel pin with spinning action.

Jaws, American Psycho, Vampira, and UHF collections are on sale now at the newly-renovated Fright-Rags.com.

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