We Want to Believe Episode 4 Teaser Trailer

From the “brains” behind the long running radio show/podcast From The Basement comes a decidedly different paranormal webseries. Exploring all aspects of the paranormal — from ghosts to possession to monsters — through on-site investigations, interviews and somewhat serious discussions….

Investigator Sarah Jane during an EVP session in the old bar

Episode 4: The Demon Jar Part Four: Evidence – The Demon Jar investigation comes to a close as Jason, Peter, Sarah and the We Want to Believe team dig into the mysteries of an old bar at the hotel. With that investigation complete, the investigators reveal the evidence they’ve gathered, including a look at the actual Demon Jar! Did they find definite proof of life after death? Are ghosts and demons real? In the end, the question is posed to viewers: what do you believe?

Episode 4 premieres on August 3rd! Miss the first 3 episodes? Check out our promotion for “We Want to Believe” which includes all three must see episodes!!!

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