Focus on Fantasia 2020: DETENTION

Our ‘Focus on Fantasia 2020’ series takes a look at some of the terrific horror films coming to this years Fantasia International Film Festival. Today we focus on “Detention.”

Canadian Premiere

In 1962, a sense of desolation and tension permeate the society. Fang, a twelfth grader at Tsuihua Senior High School, falls in love with Zhang, a counselling teacher. Troubled by the problems at school and home, Fang feels that Zhang is the only person who understands her. Longing for freedom, Zhang forms a study group with his colleagues and students, including Yin and Wei. Reading the banned books allows them to be liberated for a brief moment but at the same time, they put their lives in great danger. One day, Zhang vanishes into thin air, and only Fang and Wei, an eleventh grader, remember him. Together, Fang and Wei start looking for the disappeared teacher but find the school gradually slipping out of the world they are familiar with. Then in a realm dominated by ghosts and spirits, the pair are forced to face the terrifying truth…

Starring: Gingle Wang, Tseng Ching-hau, Fu Meng-po, Cecilia Choi, Li Kuan-yi, and Pang Chin-yu

Directed by: John HSU

Written by: John Hsu, Fu Kai-Ling, Chien Shih-Keng

Director’s Statement

As a video game player, the spooky visual effects and the heartbreaking story of the video game Detention exerted such a strong long-lasting impact on me. Since then I had been hoping to turn it into a movie and to move the hearts of a larger audience with it. Aiming to be faithful to the original story, I enhance its distinctive visual design and the emotions it conveys, transforming it into a unique thriller both in terms of the story and the style.


2019 Busan International Film Festival – Midnight Passion, 2019 Golden Horse Awards, 2020 International Rotterdam Film Festival – Voices selection, 2020 Miami Film Festival – Competition, 2020 Fantasporto, Portugal – Special Jury Award / Oriental Express Selection , 2020 Cleveland International Film Festival – International Narrative Competition, 2020 Asian Pop-Up Cinema, Chicago USA, 2020 Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Asian Chinese Language Film (nominated)

DETENTION will be shown at the 2020 Fantasia International Film Festival as one of its’ ON DEMAND titles.

For more information about the film, please visit:

Fantasia International Film Festival Aug. 20 – Sept 2

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