“Uncle Peckerhead” Now on VOD

When punk-rock band DUH finds themselves on their first tour with a man-eating hillbilly for a roadie, the “gig life” is paved with nightmares and half-eaten bodies.

Judy, bassist of punk-rock band DUH, dreams of becoming a full-time musician. But in order to secure a van for the band’s first tour, she must strike an alliance with Peckerhead, a man-eating hillbilly with charm aplenty. Now, along with the ordinary struggles of the “gig life”, Judy must navigate the trail of half-eaten bodies DUH leaves in their wake.

Starring: Chet Siegel, Ruby McCollister, Jeff Riddle, and David Littleton

Written and directed by: Matthew John Lawrence

Now available on Blu-Ray and VOD (Canada)!

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