Fear sweeps through the Windy City, and with every new slaying, a grizzled, retired detective falls closer into madness.

Retired detective Jack Shane is determined to prove he’s still got what it takes. Five years after his faceoff with the fierce Pentagram Killer, the grizzled cop is on the hunt for a copycat perp—one who’s carving their victim’s hands with bloody stars.

Plagued by PTSD and strange hallucinations, his investigation uncovers an unreal truth— the murderer is a crazed werewolf.

Jack’s unsettling visions drive him into a tormented spiral as he desperately tries to solve the crimes before a hired assassin executes the vicious culprit. But when the lead investigator is fatally torn to shreds, Jack keeps a single silver bullet loaded in the chamber…because his estranged son is the predator’s next target.

Can he return from retirement as a success, or will this ill-omened case be his death?

Harvest Moon is the suspenseful prequel to the supernatural thriller Books of Jericho series. If you like gritty mysteries, stunning twists and turns, and horrifying monsters, you’ll love this after-dark probe

“This book was such a pleasant surprise. As someone who typically avoids crime thrillers this was a bit out of my wheel house. I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a ride on this wild story. The characters, are a bit ham fisted occasionally, but you quickly learn to love the pulpy grittiness of them. The twists come at the perfect times and the pacing is excellent. Definitely would recommend for anyone looking for a darker crime thriller with some fantasy elements.”

“This is EXACTLY what you want from a well-written story! A non-stop action thriller that I couldn’t put down and you won’t want to either! If I could give this book 10 stars I would. Loved it and can’t wait till the next one!”

“As werewolf stories go, this is a good one with a significant twist at the end. More of human element tha the supernatural but engaging to the end”

“This book is absolutely riveting. A detective story…werewolves….a race against the clock and just when you think you know where it’s going there’s a twist. I look forward to reading more from JD Oliva especially if it involves these characters.”

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About Author J.D. Oliva

Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, and wrestler, J.D. Oliva has worn a lot of hats. His novels include Hawk Hallow, the supernatural, superhero VisionQuest series, and the Books of Jericho series. He also co-hosts the Superhero Speak podcast and The StoryBuilder podcast. J.D. enjoys creating fiction that bends the familiar suburban reality to reflect the darkness of an underling paranormal world.

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