Shadow House Publishing Unleashes ‘Penny Dread!fuls’

This Fall the Monsters are Real!

Penny Dreadfuls were the first horror bestsellers shocking Victorian audiences with gleefully exploitative stories of ghosts, monsters, and madmen. A bridge between gothic literature and modern weird fiction, these terror tales kept horror alive!

Now, Shadow House Publishing unleashes 200 years of terror onto the 21st century! Penny Dread!fuls reimagines this tradition by combining the best horror stories of the 19th and 20th centuries with modern technology and convenience.

The Horror Series that took centuries to create!

An exclusive e-book series, each volume features an introduction and author biography for literary and cultural context. Designed for today’s whirlwind lifestyle, each is readable in a single setting and costs only 99¢!

From the screaming excesses of gothic fiction to visionary cosmic horror, PENNY DREAD!FULS focus on quality, craftsmanship, and diversity. Collected from the 19th and early 20th centuries, there is something for both the new fan and the dark devotee. Macabre masters are featured alongside neglected authors, some of which make their e-book debut in this series and have not been reprinted for over a century.

Bring the Horror Home!

The Monster-Maker, W.C. Morrow
The Testament of Magdalen Blair, Aleister Crowley
The Undying Thing, Barry Pain
Change, Arthur Machen
The Horror-Horn, E.F. Benson
The Mask, Richard Marsh
The Damned Thing, Ambrose Bierce
The Squaw, Bram Stoker
The Valley of Spiders, H. G. Wells
A Haunted Island, Algernon Blackwood
From the Dead, E. Nesbit
The Yellow Sign, Robert W. Chambers
The Rats in the Walls, H.P. Lovecraft
Kecksies, Marjorie Bowen
The Cold Embrace, Mary E. Braddon
The Thing in the Weeds, William Hope Hodgson
Skulls in the Stars, Robert E. Howard
Squire Toby’s Will, J. S. Le Fanu
The Shadows on the Wall, Mary Wilkins-Freeman
Dog or Demon?, Theo Gift

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