Shadow House Publishing Resurrects SHILLING SHOCK!ERS

Life is Terrifying…Enjoy the Fear!

Victorian England’s Shilling Shockers, or Penny Bloods, thrilled a working-class eager to escape daily life with tales of monsters, madmen, and the macabre. The original horror best-sellers, they terrified and titillated with grisly covers and exploitative fiction. These quick reads were affordable and fun. They challenged social norms, outraged good taste, and nourished the gothic tradition…all for a shilling!

Shadow House Publishing resurrects a terrifying tradition and brings back to life the best horror stories of the 19th and 20th centuries with SHILLING SHOCK!ERS.

The Horror Series that took centuries to create!

An exclusive e-book anthology series, each volume features an introduction and four stories.
Designed for today’s whirlwind lifestyle, each is readable in a single setting!

Pan stalks the dark forests of men’s hearts, pagan rituals distort time and space, ancient rites lurk in children’s games, and madmen summon gods from the stars.

These terrifying tales are an experience, not simply a quick read. Emulating the escapist enjoyment and affordability of the original Penny Bloods, these mini anthologies combine primal shudders with complexity and depth.

Bring the Horror Home!

Pan Lives!
Pagan Remains!
Unnamable Horrors!
Weird Women!
Bite Sized Vampire Stories!
Gothic Gaslight!
Vintage Vampires!
Pulp Panic!
Haunted Houseful!

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