Twisted Dreams Virtual Film Festival

Featuring the most Twisted Independent Films from around the world

October 1st-4th
Virtual Film Festival
Cost: $10 per film or block $70 for Nightmare pass

Twisted Dreams 2020 is will be completely virtual for the first time. The festival will kick off Thursday October 1st at 7pm with a 2 hour block including twisted Wisconsin shorts, spook show shorts, h0us3 Q&A, reality, animation, thrills and comedy shorts. All purchases will be available to watch until the end of the festival 10-4-2020 9pm.

Feature events for Twisted dreams will include Q&As with film makers including director Michael Fausti on Saturday Oct-3rd at 2pm. For the main event, we will be hosting Legendary Troma director Lloyd Kaufmann. There will be a premiere of the new Troma film The Slashening followed by a live Q&A With Mr. Troma, Lloyd himself. Tickets are limited and are recommended to be purchased in advance. Twisted Dreams will be offering many free to watch Q&As, check schedule for more details.

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