Four friends set out to a remote getaway in Texas, unaware that it is being occupied by a sinister cult.

Camping Fun follows the 2014 cold case of four missing friends from a small town in rural Texas. After six years of silence in the investigation, detectives have now recovered what is considered key evidence from a partially damaged video camera found near an undisclosed location.

It’s now been reported that members of family are able to positively ID the group from the retained evidence. As new information comes to surface, serious questions are being asked of federal police to look further into the missing four and their last recorded footage.

Summary compiled from FBI File


Hailey Marmolejo, Bonnie Sturdivant, Thomas Burke, and David Eimer

Written and directed by:

Thomas Burke

“Definitely worth 13 minutes of your time.”

“The juxtaxposition works successfully to make the viewer sit up and pay attention.”

“Good editing and good use of audio to heighten the mood.”

“The film establishes its plot with smart decisions, getting the audience interested in the story right away.”

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Director’s Statement:

Camping Fun is a 13 minute short found-footage style horror film that is conveyed in the first person perspective. We created our world this way primarily through the cinematography and closely following the actions of our characters. I knew that it would be a challenge to shoot Camping Fun as a found-footage short because our structure came with the one and only “rule” which was to record everything from the filmmakers’ point-of-view. It became very clear to us that pulling this off right would be perhaps the most exciting yet challenging part.

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