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When a tourist dies on Halloween night in Salem, the crowd seeks justice by mounting a modern day witch hunt. With the low-key charm of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and the sophisticated sarcasm of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, MASS HYSTERIA is a dark comedy that conquers the horror of the Salem Witch Trials by juxtaposing it with the 2020 Covid pandemic and a funny, satirical story.

It’s Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts, and it’s Paige’s last show as a Salem Witch Trial reenactor. Sick of the drunken tourists that flood the streets every year, she’s decided this will be her final show. Tomorrow she’ll leave town and make a real go of acting in New York. Her cast-mates are sorry to see her go but they vow to have a killer last night. During her final show as Paige is delivering her “witch’s curse” upon the audience, a tourist violently dies. The police chalk it up to coincidence but the crowd wonders if Paige really did curse the man. She lashes out at the gathered tourists, mockingly cursing them all… and one by one, they start to die. Now convinced that the “Witch” has them in her clutches, the tourists give chase. Paige and her friends flee through Salem with only one goal: to get through Halloween night, ALIVE.


Jeff Ryan (Orange Is the New Black), Charlie Pollock (The Good Wife), Michelle Veintimilla (Gotham), Louis Cancelmi (Billions) Destry Allyn (I Know This Much Is True), Scott Swayze (Brooklyn Moving Company), and Geena Santiago (YouthMin).

Directed by:

Jeff Ryan and Arielle Cimino

Written by:

Christopher O’Connell, and Jonathan T. Coleman

“If Mass Hysteria is not already on your radar, make sure to rectify that situation toute de suite. Directors Arielle Cimino and Jeff Ryan, working from a screenplay by Jonathan T. Coleman and Christopher O’Connell, have made a lean-and-mean (66 minutes running time) slice of horror comedy that is an absolute blast.”

“this splattery witch-based tale is an entertaining cat & mouse chase around Salem, Massachusetts.”

“Of course, Mass Hysteria is not the first film about a crowd misguided by a religious zealot bringing doom on an innocent – but maybe one of the funniest ones. And that’s funny not even in an over-the-top, gross-out way (though there’s some vomit at hand), but a film that finds humour in the situations the main characters are thrown in, sees the irony behind the story and shows a willingness to just entertain – but without forgetting the dramatic aspects of the plot. And thanks to rather light-footed performances by all involved, this bridging of drama and comedy works quite beautifully, and makes up for a rather enjoyable movie.”

“It’s kind of surprising that no one has thought to do this concept before. It feels like something that is inspired and would be a slam-dunk idea for a fun, silly horror comedy. And, in the hands directors Arielle Cimino and Jeff Ryan, and writers Jonathan T. Coleman and Christopher O’Connell, “Mass Hysteria” shows that it can be done, and on a budget that doesn’t hinder creativity.”

“I found the film which was written by Jonathan T. Coleman and Christopher O’Connell to be entertaining from start to finish. The acting in the film is great along. Geena Santiago is fantastic as Paige and the rest of the cast are great as well including, Jeff Ryan, Charlie Pollock, Michelle Veintimilla, Louis Cancelmi, Destry Allyn, Scott Swayze, and Geena Santiago ‘Mass Hysteria’ is the perfect movie to add to your collection of Halloween films you watch every year.”

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