The Season’s Best And Darkest Tales Of Halloween…

Stories of adventure, mishap, magic, and macabre happenings on All Hallows’ Eve.
The night when spirits walk among the living and dead things crawl from their dark hiding places to unleash Halloween Horror.

Featuring Stories by:

Kevin David Anderson
Patrick Moody
Ben Hurry
Patrick Winters
J.C. Raye
Robert Allen Lupton
Paul Stolp
Jackie Fells
Kelli A. Wilkins
Scott McGregor
Cullen Monk
Douglas Ford
Tim Mendees
Clark Roberts
Daniel Hale
E. Seneca
DJ Tyrer
Patrick Meegan
Joe Kogut
R.C. Mulhare
Erik Handy
Alex Ebenstein

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And volume one you ask…

The season’s best, and darkest, tales of Halloween. This anthology of horror features 18 chilling stories from great storytellers in the genre to get you in the Halloween Spirit.

Stories from:

Jeremy Thompson – Dermott O’Malley – Sheldon Woodbury

R.C. Mulhare – Ian Bain – Brandon L. Summers – Andra Dill

Lionel Ray Green – Joel Murphy – Paul Stolp

Justin Zimmerman – Diane Arrelle – Baylee Friday

Clark Roberts – Paul Williams – Gustavo Bondoni – and Billie Colter

“Excellent book for a great price! Stories are well written and easy to read. I highly recommend this anthology, you will not be disappointed!”

“I am so glad I got this book! It really got me in to the spirit of Halloween. The foreward by the publisher played on my nostalgia for Halloween perfectly and from there it was a wild and excellent ride. The stories were eclectic and I felt there was a lot of variety with horror and frights of all kinds! It was very well written and compiled. Every author is talented and these stories were such a treat to read leading up to Halloween. I will read this again every year. I hope the next volume comes out for next Halloween!”

“I really enjoyed this collection of stories. If you’re looking for a spooky book to read in the Halloween season, I would highly recommend you give this anthology a go!”

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Also available at:

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About Down, but Not Dead Horror

We are a small publisher based out of North Texas. Focusing on short stories and novellas, we want to get great stories out into the world for all to read. Our submissions are open to all experience level writers and we’re excited to have the opportunity to get your work out there.

Check our open submissions to see what we’re looking for at the moment. Every submission will have its fair chance, so be sure to send us anything you think will be a good fit.

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