Social Thriller ‘SWEET TASTE OF SOULS’ Heads Digital with DarkCoast for Day of the Dead

DARKCOAST – Fucking cherry pie!

TriCoast Worldwide’s horror label, DarkCoast, will release director Terry Ross’ (Carving A Life) new heart-pounding thriller, SWEET TASTE OF SOULS, on this year’s Day of the Dead (Nov. 1), learned JoBlo exclusively.

Headlining with a star-studded cast, SWEET TASTE OF SOULS features multi-award winning actress, Honey Lauren (Wives of the Skies, Dot Got Shot, Happy Hands), Thom Michael Mulligan (Callous, The Witching Hour), Sarah J. Bartholomew (Waste, June Gloom) and Amber Gaston (Mermaid Down, Alien: Night Shift).

The social thriller follows four struggling band members – Nate, Kyle, Wendy and Lily – who stop at a lonely roadside cafe for a slice of pie. But, they soon find themselves imprisoned in the deranged cafe owner’s bizarre art collection, forced to battle a sinister force with an appetite for souls.

SWEET TASTE OF SOULS is a strong female empowered initiative with 12 time award-winning director, Terry Ross, and producers, Felicity Mudgett and Bee Pedersen, leading the creative force behind Flying Dolphin Productions.

Ross described SWEET TASTE OF SOULS as “a unique exploration of the nature of evil, the lifelong damage of physical and emotional abuse, and the consequences of loneliness and isolation.”

Receiving numerous accolades on the film festival circuit from the New York International Film Awards, Cosmo Film Festival, Venice Film Awards and more, SWEET TASTE OF SOULS has racked up 13 award wins, including ‘Best Horror’, ‘Best International Feature Film’, ‘Best Screenplay’ and ‘Best Indie Feature’.

Evil is always hungry for souls. Eat your heart out with the trailer for SWEET TASTE OF SOULS here:

DarkCoast will release SWEET TASTE OF SOULS onto various digital platforms on Day of the Dead, Nov. 1 (Amazon, InDemand, DirecTV, AT&T, FlixFling and more).

Alongside Honey Lauren, Thom Michael Mulligan, Sarah J. Bartholomew and Amber Gaston, SWEET TASTE OF SOULS stars Mark Valeriano (Ted Bundy Had a Son, Hornet, Inner Connection) and John Salandria (Spider-Man 4, Animal Kingdom).

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SWEET TASTE OF SOULS (2020, 99 min.) Directed by: Terry Ross. Written by: Felicity Mudgett. Produced by: Bee Pedersen, Felicity Mudgett. Editors: Dave Frank Downes, Mathew Roscoe. Cinematographer: Oscar Velázquez. Original Music: Dennis Poore. USA, English. Flying Dolphin Productions, WinterGlass Films, DarkCoast.
Production Companies: Flying Dolphin Productions, WinterGlass Films.

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