“The Empty Space” Sci-Fi Horror Premieres at Sacramento Horror Film Festival

Latino Director, Andrew Jara is proud to announce that his sci-fi film, “The Empty Space” will premiere at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival this month! “The Empty Space” uses the genre of sci-fi and horror to help confront the very real issues of living with anxiety and mental illness. The festival will be available online and you can already register for tickets to the film! Director Andrew Jara, and star Valerie Alene are available for media interviews.

“After a violent act that took the life of her boyfriend, Aimee Andrews struggles with anxiety and depression. With the help of a support group, Aimee may have finally found a place of pease but when her dead boyfriend seems to return from the void, she will have to face her fears to find out exactly who or what has come back and what they want before she loses her grip on reality and herself.”

Director’s Statement: The Empty Space came from a very dark place. Dealing with my own anxiety and grief I channeled that into a visceral experience and try to show others what it is like when you have extreme anxiety. I wanted people with similar experiences to relate. I also wanted to have a very diverse crew in front of and behind the camera and am pleased with how diverse our film is. I hope you enjoy it and continue to support POC filmmakers.

“The Empty Space” playing at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, online, register now at the link below.

Andrew Jara:
Twitter: jara_films
Instagram: jara_films

Sacramento Horror Film Festival:
Website: https://xerb.tv/channel/sacramento-horror-film-festival/virtual-events/739

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