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“Revivified” is an intense horror film, the first short in a horror anthology from Brad Uyeda, a longtime animator, designer, sculptor, and award-winning director and filmmaker.

Revivified is a stop-motion short film about a black woman, Diamond Jackson, who in 1974 is murdered by police, and is resurrected in 2020 with a mind for revenge. Horror movies of today are and have always been an attempt for filmmakers and audiences to express the hopelessness that they are feeling living and growing up in a time defined by distrust, grim conditions, and seeming hopelessness for the future. In turn, this explains the horror genre’s newfound popularity, as young people turn to metaphors to make sense of their fears and the world around them. Revivified is no exception with roots in classic blaxploitation and horror films of the 70’s.

Written and directed by:

Brad Uyeda

Uyeda’s an expert executing stop-motion animation. He aims to bring to life a story of both physical and psychological horror that aims to be both visually impressive and stirring.

“This project combines so many things that I’m passionate about: classic horror, borne of political and social unrest; a memorable iconic creature; and the blaxploitation films of the ’70s and ’80s. “Revivified” is a perfect amalgam of sorts, allowing me to combine my love of all these things into one film.”     – Brad Uyeda

What is “Revivified?”

So much of my life has been trials and tribulations. I have had to meditate and reform myself in order to persevere. The tenet of rebirth is central to my personal philosophy around the journey through life. That journey is reflected in this anthology of short films, and especially in its opener, “Revivified.” They show though there is much darkness, there is also proof of light in the absolute shadow.

“Revivified” will feature Practical Effects of the highest order, designed by Kyle Thompson and created by Midnight Studio FX, experts in creating big-budget effects at an accessible price point.

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Revivified” will be brought to horror fans by Savage Motion Studios, an animation film production company based out of Phoenix, AZ.

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