Monster Squad Doc Explores the 1987 Cult Horror Movie in Time for Halloween

Coming to you with the news that WOLFMAN’S GOT NARDS, the documentary celebrating the passionate fans of the 1987 American comedy horror film The Monster Squad, will be released on demand on October 27, 2020.

Directed by Andre Gower, WOLFMAN’S GOT NARDS explores the relationship a dedicated audience (including celebrities and filmmakers) has with The Monster Squad. Through interviews with the cast, crew, screenwriters, directors, academics and original reviewers as well as never-before-seen footage, it turns the lens on an audience of self-proclaimed misfits who have kept The Monster Squad alive for more than 30 years. The documentary features Fred Dekker, Shane Black, Seth Green, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank, Adam F. Goldberg, Heather Langenkamp, Joe Lynch, and many more.

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