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Full Spectrum horror host, Christopher Highland, takes on the modern subject sexual orientation along with bloody horror in his new novel, A Path Never Taken, a contemporary horror tale.

September 2020. Internet radio host and author of the novel The Witch and the Prince, Christopher Highland has just published his second professional literary project. The novel that is titled The Path Never Taken and it address sexual orientation, the supernatural, and horror.


It’s 1980. Andy has a secret. He is gay. When he admits this to his parents, a violent argument erupts between him and his father. Andy flees into the night and finds himself in a bar contemplating his future. A mysterious old man makes his acquaintance and takes Andy to his apartment and seduces him. Unknown to Andy, the old man is an ancient being who had given Andy his dark gift.

Now Andy is on the streets of Chicago and soon finds out that there are more changes in his life than he originally thought, potentially deadly ones.

The Path Never Taken is a dark weaving of the supernatural, sexual awakening, and a coming of age story. Author Christopher Highland takes you on a fantastical ride that you have to read to fully grasp.

“I’ve felt very blessed over the years to be working with Christopher Highland and to be able to mentor him and watch him grow as a person and an artist.” admits author William Pattison, aka Eric Morse, the author of The Camp Crystal Lake novel series, Symphony of Death series, and Psychotic State: The Novel. “I’ve been so proud of how he has been able to find his voice as an artist.”

When asked how he feels about having his second book published, author Christopher Highland replied, “There are stories needing to be told that transcend the author who writes it. This is one of them.”

The book was released in both print and Kindle format on on October 2020 through WCP Enterprises Publishing.


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