Independent Studio Trash Arts Looking Launch Indiegogo to Support Festival Submissions

Trash Arts (Lonely Hearts, Millenial Killer) we are constantly producing films on very minimal budgets, but those budgets often only cover the expenses of production. The marketing and festival run for any film needs a budget in its own right, that’s why we are asking for pledges to help us take these two films, DECLINE and ACTING, to festivals around the world. Festivals we have entered in the past have greatly contributed to the marketing of their films and now they are looking to enter more festivals than ever before.

Trash Arts are looking to raise £1000 in order to be able to enter a number of Film Festivals. This money will fund our festival entries and NOT to travel to or attend any of the festivals we have entered. We will also be using these funds to have the films subtitled and copyrighted as these are two essential aspects to receive as much festival coverage as possible.

You can find out more about the campaign here:

You can find out more about Trash Arts on the website:

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