Featuring Director Sean Haitz…

Digging into comedy and cannibalism with the hungry quintet of the culinary taboo from the 1970s on… dental floss not provided!

W/ Omar “HorrO” Usman, Tony Newton, Jim Towns, Christopher Zisi and Azzurra Nox.

Also featured in this issue: Actor and Producer Kane Hodder, Illustrators and Painters Chantal Handley and Matthew Therrien, Directors Tony H. Cadwell and Jason Figgis, Musicians Thylacine, Daniel Avery, Corine, Both and more…

Interactive Magazine / Direct Video Content / Available in Print Format
Available to read on @issuu

Hard Copy:

On a personal note, I feel completely honored that I was given an opportunity to write an article and contribute to this great magazine. While I’ve done hundreds of reviews and been quoted here and there, I’ve never had the opportunity to write a piece for a magazine before. I’m beyond thankfully to Emilie Flory and everyone at Creators Unite for giving me this chance to set the tone for the rest of the issue, and their support for I’m promoting the issue not because of my article, but for everyone to enjoy all those who contributed to it like my podcast partner Chris the Creature Zisi, and learn about Sean Haitz’s new movie! -Omar “HorrO” Usman

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