NYC Horror Fest is Virtual 12/3 – 12/9!

The New York City Horror Film Festival is going virtual this year!!

The New York City Horror Film Festival (NYCHFF), like all other festivals, will be going virtual due to COVID- 19. The Festival, also known as the Anti-festival Festival) is in its 18th-year edition and is one of New York City’s longest enduring Festivals for fans to enjoy. The Festival will run seven days virtually this year, beginning December 3rd and ending December 9th. Sixty-one international filmmakers will be screening their films, nine features, and 52 shorts at the NYCHFF festival via the Eventive Platform. What’s exciting is this year, more audiences will have a better opportunity to see these films as it will also be accessible via Roku or Apple TV with Eventive’s app. (more details on NYCHFF/Eventive)

The NYC Horror Film Festival was born in 2002 by filmmaker Michael J. Hein as a venue for newer independent horror filmmaking. George Romero was the first recipient of the Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by other classic scare meisters, including Roger Corman, Frank Henenlotter, Robert Englund, Stuart Gordon, Tobe Hooper, Herschell Gordon Lewis and Mick Garris.

After Michael’s passing in 2011, the Festival created the Michael J. Hein Achievement Award to celebrate the hard work and perseverance of creators in the field. Past recipients include horror royalty Tony Todd, Greg Nicotero, Sean Cunningham, Rob Zombie, the late Angus Scrimm, Adrienne Barbeau, and the beloved late Wes Craven.

This year, the Festival will have virtual panel events, focusing on International Latin filmmakers, Women in Horror (2 panels, due to popular demand), Scriptwriters, and Distribution. Also, Just for Fans, a Fans Meet-Up, and a Horror Cosplay contest. The winner of the Cosplay contest receives a VIP pass to the Festival.

VIP All-Access Chiller Passes on sale $125 (ends 12/4)! Single programs & Shorts Blocks $23 & Single Features & Award Winners $17.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please go to You can also access the landing page via

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