Interview with “Chop n’ Grind” Filmmakers Eric Williford and Jeffrey Tompkins

Eric Williford and Jeffrey Tompkins from Xennial Productions give us the 411 on their favorite horror films and their upcoming movie, Chop n’Grind!

-PH: Okay gents, favorite horror movies. Go!

-Eric/Jeffrey: (In no particular order)


Dead Alive

The Thing

The Shining

Shaun of the Dead

-PH: And what about recently? Seen anything good?

-Eric/Jeffrey: Bad Hair and #Alive are my favourites that I’ve seen this year. I highly recommend both of these flicks!!

-PH: You’re now making your own horror films – are any of them inspired or motivated by the films that shaped you, like those above?

-Eric/Jeffrey: I absolutely love horror films from the 80’s. It just seems like everyone was really pushing the medium into really interesting places. But I love 80’s horror films that have a hint of camp to them. Horror comedies like Evil Dead 2, Re-animator, From Beyond, and other flicks like that.

-PH: The next cab off the rank is “Chop N’Grind” – –  how would you surmise it?

-Eric/Jeffrey: A butcher and her sister struggle to keep the family deli open until a crime of passion turns a dead mobster into a wildly popular salami. Think “Fried Green Tomatoes” mixed with “Sweeney Todd”.

-PH: And will it be a bloody affair or more of a creepy, supernatural offering?

-Eric/Jeffrey: A bloody affair that will have you smiling and laughing.

-PH: Are their horror labels you’d like to emulate? Or maybe some them really inspire you?

-Eric/Jeffrey: If I was going to compare Xennial Productions to anything or anyone, it would have to be Roger Corman. Especially 70’s era Corman.

-PH: Where can folks find about more about the company?

-Eric/Jeffrey: Thanks for asking!! Check us out at the following spots and follow us for constant updates.

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