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Dateline: Friday the 13th 2021 – Long Island, NY, — The Devil’s Lettuce movie is about a group who party on Friday the 13th in a graveyard. A drunken mishap makes them break their bowl to smoke out of, but one guy finds a decaying human skull and decides to smoke out of that instead. The men lose control and begin killing all those around them. Are Ace and Ted possessed or sick? Only one way to find out… fund this Indiegogo campaign.

Filmed inside of a 100-year-old church with an upside-down cross, a CBD cannabis field, as well as a 250+ year old graveyard, just to name a few. We are not done yet! We have some very crucial scenes to still film and some amazing special effects moments as well that still need to be completed. Help us make our crowdfunding goal and help make this feature horror slasher movie a completed film as well as a success by signing up now on our Indiegogo landing page. All those that sign up will be enter into our special and secret prize giveaway. You also will get an email, so you know before the public when the campaign goes Live as well as get updates about the campaign. There are some truly incredible perks with this campaign, and you do not want to miss out on perks like IMDb credits as well as the ability to be on set while we are filming live. It all depends on which perks you choose.

“A scary mind-trip with an ending that will blow your mind.”


Go now: http://bit.ly/thedevilslettucecomingsoon

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