New Release ‘Redwood Massacre – The Untold Story’ from Debut Author Alisdair Cook

Siorc Group Ltd. Are proud to announce the release of Redwood Massacre – The Untold Story from debut author Alisdair Cook.

 A prequel to the hit movie, Redwood Massacre – Annihilation, Redwood Massacre – The Untold Story tells of Tom Dempsey’s 10-year search for his missing daughter Sarah.

Sarah Dempsey was a bright and beautiful young lady. With an exciting future ahead of her she was destined for greatness. That was until she vanished in the Redwood forest. Vanishing without a trace, alongside her friends, her disappearance left a hole in her father’s life which he could not fill without answers, without the truth.

Redwood Massacre – The Untold Story tells the history of the Redwood Massacre legend and the journey of Tom Dempsey to uncover the truth about his daughter’s disappearance.

Delving into the legend of the Redwood killer we follow Tom as he encounters police incompetence, scorn from a local community and suspicion of his motives as he dives to the depths of the local horror history. Building a team of experts, Tom starts his own investigation and discovers how difficult unravelling the Redwood Massacre mystery really is.

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