The Second Issue Of ‘The Bite Of Brenna Barlow,’ A Comic About A Telepathic Vampire And Her Sarcastic Dachshund Sidekick…

Possessing a sixth sense that penetrates unwitting minds, blind vampire Brenna Barlow uses her intuitive faculty for the greater good, feasting only on those who use and abuse the weak and defenseless. Joining her in her adventures is Gary, her sarcastic longhaired dachshund who speaks to her telepathically.

In “London Calling”, family business takes Brenna — and Gary, of course — back home to England.  Readers are introduced to new characters – chav with a heart of gold Chantelle, Brenna’s greedy great-grandson Nathan… and a nefarious blast from Brenna’s past whose presence turns her world upside down.

Created by:

Rob Stanley, Gregory Woronchak (pencils/inks) and Toben Racicot (letters), as well as the wonderful Rebecca McConnell, who took over as colorist midway through the first project.


“Rob Stanley’s Bite of Brenna Barlow is clearly committed to rising above the novelty of the premise, presenting an exciting and thrilling tale worth sinking your teeth into. This original saga is clearly just getting started, and I encourage everyone to hop in for a wild ride!” — Bryan Thao Worra, President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (

“So much great backstory for a single issue. Brenna is likable, strong, and awesome.” — Shattered Glass Comic Reviews (

“The congenial character development and punchy, humorous sensibility in The Bite of Brenna Barlow creates a pleasing ambiance.  The story has plenty of interesting footholds to launch off from, definitely looking forward to seeing where the plot vectors leap to next.” — Manny Shape, Creator of El Krudo (

Now it’s your turn to become a fan of Brenna and Gary, and you can start by supporting the campaign for issue #2 at…

There are plenty of great rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-Digital or Physical copy of ‘London Calling’

-Chibi style pinup done by the talented Summer Steinhart

-You — and a guest, if you choose to include one — also get to have your likenesses drawn into a very special — and insane — wedding scene in the next issue of The Bite of Brenna Barlow!

-A kick-ass custom Funko Pop of Brenna Barlow with Gary the dachshund, courtesy of the best Pop customizer out there today, FunkoBoss Customs

Visit ‘The Bite of Brenna Barlow’ on Kickstarter to…

-Find out how this comic started

-Learn about the first issue

-Read about all the available rewards

If you can’t contribute to this campaign at this time please consider at least sharing it on social media to anyone you know might be interested! Thanks!!!

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