New Trailer for the Upcoming Film “Life in the XXI Century”

Short synopsis:

“Joe’s life is unsettled by a strange growth on his chest, an exotic parasitic plant and two disconcerting twins lurking in the shadows, in this art-house body horror film about hypochondria, sexual perversions, the internet, disease and superstition” 

A film about strange diseases, mutations, sexual perversion, hypochondria, the internet, rare parasitic plants, identity politics, fetishism, feminine masculinity, superstition and new age therapies.

“It is a little self financed 45 minute dream-like body-horror. It’s sort of an arthouse horror film. People have mentioned Cronenberg and Lynch but it also has a huge influence of films like The Cremator and other Czech New Wave as well as Japanese New Wave films.” – Filmmaker Iosu Vakerizzo

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