“Bending Reality is a dark fiction book worth reading, in my humble opinion. I am very picky when it comes to my bookshelf and as a legal professional, I am overly critical of everything I read. Cory is not only delightfully imaginative, but also expertly descriptive. The way Cory crafts her words into imagery is perfection. The reader can not only immediately picture each scene as it unfolds, but the reader will NOT be lost wasting time reading paragraphs upon paragraphs of descriptions as an author struggles to set up a scene.”

“Bending Reality by Cory DeAn Cowley is an incredible book. There is surreal dreamscapes that only proceed leading you to what seems like the depths of Hell. The All too human aspects of the protagonist are so relatable, that if there was no supernatural aspects you would think it was just a contemporary autobiography; which makes you want to keep reading as you become more and more involved with the characters. And in a world where most media seems overly manufactured and predictable, this book is a breath of fresh air. It keeps you intrigued, and is hard to put down. You always want to know where it’s going, because you’re never quite sure where that may be. This book is honestly truly one of a kind, and insight into the mind of a great author. I hope the author writes many more books!”

“The book came early and has this incredible artwork. I started reading and have not been able to put it down. Such an amazing read! The main character is relatable, the amount of detail and description, makes you feel like you’re really there, you’re seeing, hearing, feeling, empathizing with the characters. HIGHLY recommend this book!!!”

“Cory is not only an imaginative story-teller, but a unique conveyer of raw human emotion. Rekindling the flame of horror like the great predecessors before, Bending Reality is a chilling, horrific portrayal of the main character’s trials. The book easily puts you on edge and commands you to pay attention. There is no other book out there like this, and any horror lover would be a fool to pass this book up. The writer cites Clive Barker as her main inspiration—and she does him extreme justice. I highly recommend this book. The author is a very multi-talented individual who has the potential to produce a very lucrative career in writing. Excellent work.”

“A five star selection hands down!!!! Cory is hands down my new favorite author. This was a well written and well thought out book. I truly hope she continues to write!! There’s twists and turns throughout each page, you won’t want to put this book down! If you’re looking to get someone a gift for the holidays or for yourself, this is definitely a great purchase to make. I would highly recommend!!!”

“As a suburban mom of three kids, even I loved this book. It took me out of my happy safe bubble, and transported me into some awesome, twisty, dark stuff. I loved the characters, and the writing really pulls you in and takes you away. As others have mentioned, I would love to see this turned into a movie!”

Those are some of the many 5 star reviews that continue to rain down on ‘Bending Reality’…

A psychological rollercoaster that embarks down a pathway to horror. Follow the events of Cory—a beautiful, thirty-year-old woman with a desire to escape her past, and an appetite for change. Her life takes an ultimate turn as her secretive allure to darkness puts her in the path of a power hellbent on pure evil. With an already weakened constitution, she travels through worlds and soon finds out that her fate has been determined. The change she so wanted, is the change she will receive. Embark on a story that tells of love lost, escapism from pain, and moral choice. The desires we want, are sometimes the choices to decisions we regret. Can she stop evil and save herself? Or, will she succumb to the voice that has given her the ultimate sentence of pain. Based loosely on actual events.

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About Author Cory DeAn Cowley

I was born and raised in Hendersonville, TN. Growing up, I have always had curious interest in spirituality and the Occult.

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