One traumatic night changed it all.

One night changed Kember’s life forver, forcing her to spend years adapting to the forest surrounding her family’s destroyed carnival. Kember is reintroduced to society as an adult, determined to find out what happened the night of her father’s murder. Little does she know, she will have both human and supernatural aid on her quest to discover the truth.

As a familiar face brings back the terror of years past, a secret betrayal will unfold as Kember tries to pickup the pieces left behind and acclimate to her new town.

Will her answers give her closure and the new life she needs? Or will Kember return as the solitary custodian of the dilapidated Ferris Wheel forever?

What mystery and horror awaits, When the Ferris Wheel Lights are Dead?


“I did enjoy this book very much, I like how the staccato short sentences in the first chapter set the scene with quick, brutal strokes – like an artist slashing bright colored oil paint onto a canvas with a palette knife. Such a good story, heartfelt and well told.”

“Immersive settings, suspenseful scenes, and a looming mystery make this a fascinating read. This is a spooky short story/novella.”

“Ashley Grant spins a wonderful tale once again. the book captivated u in the first chapter. very eloquently written book and inenjoyed reading it.”

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Some dolls can’t be fixed…

Two short and twisted tales entwine with a body of dark poetry in the latest book from Ashley Grant.

In “Poor Dolly,” a cherished toy watches from the shelf as a looming shadow slowly engulfs her home and her family. Is the shadow after her loved one, or her?

In “A Tortured Procedure,” a young writer’s career is in jeopardy as an accident denies him the use of his hands. However, the cure offered in this hospital isn’t quite what he had in mind.


“Poetry and short stories with a dark flair. Ashley seed into the dark side of humans and shows us a slice that is supreme. Enjoy this walk on the dark side as I did an see if you can find anything that might be you. Don’t be surprised if you do. I did. Written with a unique style and grace. We will see more from this author!!!”

“I loved the poetry section of this book. Good read with dark, yet relatable content.”

“The short stories are written with intricate and fantastical flair, yet with precise clarity… This is an excellent book for fans of Stephen King or Christina Rossetti.”

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