Jackie Wants To Survive The Game’s Ending.
But She May Not Make It To The Next Level…

The last thing Jackie and her new friends expected was to wake up in a virtual reality nightmare hosted by 1-Up, a student of eighties slashers.

With knives hung over their real-world hearts, set to penetrate them if their hit points reach zero, Jackie and her fellow players will have to level up to escape their VR prison, or else it’s game over forever.

Things you can expect in this book:

-A love letter to video store slashers.

-Female protagonist.

-GameLit/LitRPG mechanics and messages.

-Splattergore and extreme murder scenes.

“Slasher Online is a fun read for anyone who is a fan of 80’s horror movies! The main heroine is trapped in a VR game with several others and they are being hunted and have to outwit their adversary in order to survive. For anyone who loves the genre, this story is full of tropes that are both fun and recognizable, while playing homage to many of the past horror films that predate this near future story. The rest of the cast are enjoyable, as well, and never cross over into annoying caricatures often seen in other horror related material. I can easily see this novel being translated to the screen and hope to see more stories set in this universe.”

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And then consider trying…

The goal was simple: level up and earn enough points to pay for my mother’s medical needs.

Someone decided victory shouldn’t be mine. I got hacked, and they used my points on a build used for mule accounts. Now, apparently, I cook. I do magic with my food, but not by choice.

With the help of my friends—a flesh-golem, fairy illusionist, and a shape shifter—we put a plan in place to prove to my enemies I can win and help my mom with flour power.

“I found Cookmancer Online was an absorbing read. Genuine gaming fiction, with a few twists.”

“Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The world-building was interesting, and I like the concept of the game system used in the book.”

“Vivaldi did a good job at crafting a book with stakes that felt personal to the characters and relationships between them that felt genuine. The pacing was well done and had me wanting to keep reading to figure out what happened next.”

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