The Torture We Adore is a collection of twelve short stories, all focusing on the tragic and morbid reality of attraction, contradicting the traditional view of relationship, love and sex. The book presents, in graphic detail, the insanity that one can be driven to by love or lack thereof. Whether it’s in the form of a story of a woman who falls in love with a convicted wife beater, a man whose complete devotion to his wife also fuels his blackest hatred or the tale of a brother and sister whose dependence on each other leaves them incompetent to ever separating. Underneath all gore and disturbing detail lays a theme of deep emotional scarring that can come from falling for another person.

The Torture We Adore is a collection of twelve horror short stories all centred around the theme of distorted love and/or attraction. The writing is grotesque yet beautiful; the stories are macabre, yet compelling…The stories themselves often deal with difficult subject matter, and the words and phrases that Leprav uses are like morbid poetry scrawled in blood across the pages…The stories are experimental and brilliant. They’re creative and tragic and sometimes even heartbreaking…”

“It is a gateway into madness, a descent into terror, pain, and immoral relish, shifting through each short story, as depictions of love, graphic insanity, interdependence, emotional trauma, destruction of the self, annihilation of constraints converge. It strives for a direct fury and purpose seldom seen in fiction, with vigorous energy and pulsing prose possessed of austere tension constantly escalated through deformity, surrealism, hyperrealism and dreamlike absurdity, while pummeling with a stream of vicious passions. The sentence structure is protoplasmic, but conveys an animal ferocity and constructs destructive scenarios for the morbidly inclined.”

“This was a well done compilation of stories! I loved them start to finish. Lovely read. Thank you.”

“The Torture We Adore by Vider Leprav is a collection of dark and diseased minds. If you like to read psychological horror, then you should definitely go with this one. The author has done an excellent work in narrating the stories. Each and every detail is exceptional. But, I would also like to warn the readers that some of the details are not for faint- hearted. It was really difficult for me to accept some of the parts.”

“I recommend this anthology to those who want to read little snippets of horror that are intelligently written and deeply disturbing, assuming that they have a strong stomach and don’t mind being deterred from seeking out a love connection anytime in the near future…”

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