“A ‘Jackie Collins’ Family Saga Is Perfectly Mixed With ‘King’ Horror”…

Watch as the charmed lives of a well-born man turned Hollywood actor and his family are demolished. At first glance, Ed Savage has it all—an amazing career, a beautiful home, and a wonderful wife and children. Unfortunately for Savage, it’s all about to go south.

The first part of Ed Savage and the Savage Murders Trilogy: The Savage Saga shows a perfect life unraveling as the seeds of the looming murderous mysteries emerge. The Savage family comes under attack. Ed Savage’s past returns to bite him hard when a secret from a long ago murder becomes known, and his mountain getaway is anything but. The second section of the relentlessly fast-paced journey is set in the aftershock of terror. Revenge fuels the action as Ed Savage literally fights for his life, his family, and the truth.

In the final part of the series, the Savages’ reality is finally shattered. Everything Ed Savage believed was buried has risen—and what he thought was over is far from it. Just when he thinks he has finally learned all there is to know about the reasons for his deadly turn of bad luck, the plot twists. Nothing is as it seems until the acrid, bitter end.

A ‘Jackie Collins’ family saga is perfectly mixed with ‘King’ horror. I bet you never thought those would be found together in one book! Enjoy it!—The Write Companion. The Savage Saga is a scandalous, shocking, and suspenseful genre mashing trilogy that defies definition. This action-packed murder mystery, set against mother nature’s wrath, offers up an ending you won’t see coming… Giving rise to a new hero on the Hollywood landscape. Actor Ed Savage’s life is about to implode. Secrets from his past threaten to tear apart the life he has painstakingly built with his family, placing them all in imminent danger. At first, a secluded mountain sanctuary appears to be the perfect place to lie low and figure things out. But unknown to Savage and his family, they’ve fallen right into the line of fire. Unspeakable horror ensues, and those that make it out alive do not have time to count their blessings. The thought to-be-dead rise, and the living are again in a fight for lives against a strange cult and revenge plots gone amuck. Savage and his family are teetering on the edge when the truth is finally revealed—Or is it?

“This will make a great movie! Characters are strong, storyline sucks you in, this is a page turner! I can’t wait for more from this writer. Realistic characters that I believe, not like Grisham lame heroes. Make he movie!!”

“This is a fun read! I don’t usually read murder mysteries but this book had me sucked in right from the get go. The sassy humor paired with the suspense is perfect. At times I was laughing, other times on the edge of my seat unable to put the book down. I would recommend this book & can not wait for book number 2!!”

“A thrilling, twisted murder mystery with an exciting an unexpected ending. It will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the book. Easy to read as the chapters are short so if you have a busy life and like mysteries – this book is for you!”

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And then jump right into book 2…

Just when Ed Savage thinks the family nightmare is over, new villains enter his life, and he’s faced with murder, mayhem, a haunted sanatorium, and a past that won’t leave him in peace, which includes a gunshot to the chest.

When Ed plans on meeting the son he never knew he had, trouble starts when Agency One gets a lead on an old case involving a missing Cold War submarine loaded with hot warheads. When his nieces get kidnapped, Ed thinks it has something to do with his investigation. And a sadistic acquaintance remembers Ed Savage—and has dastardly plans for him at the oldest sanatorium still running. In the middle of all this, the psychopathic Doctor Todd returns to the sanatorium to claim his hospital. Ed’s wife, Marlo, joins Tycoon Wives where the show’s producer hides a deadly secret, and a shocking allegation surfaces on live TV—while Ed is giving an interview.

Ed had always been resourceful. But with a bullet, a terrifying explosion causing a subsea earthquake sending destruction to his loved ones—can he save his family and himself?

Ed Savage and the Decimated Savage Demise is the gripping sequel to Ed Savage and the Savage Murders Trilogy: The Savage Saga, a book that Scream magazine called “fast-paced and constantly unpredictable,” adding, “Someone needs to make this into a TV show in the near future.

“Whether it be evil doctors within the walls of a frightening sanitarium or a government project that literally resurrects danger from the bottom of the sea, this series covers it all. Not since the days of Hollywood Husbands has a family been this undeniably mesmerizing. This is one Savage clan that deserves their place on screen!” —Amy Lignor, bestselling author of “The Angel Chronicles”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this second in the Ed Savage trilogy. Having read the first novel, I would say that this second book is darker and has more sinister elements than the first. The author certainly has a knack for creating villains that are pure evil. However, the hero Ed Savage is a sympathetic character who we root for throughout. Excellent!”

“Fast moving and action packed — I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The characters are exciting, mysterious, plotting, and sexy. The descriptions make you feel as if you are within the confines of the psychiatric hospital. The action scenes are cunning and keep you turning the pages. An excellent read and superb follow up to the first installment.”

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No turning back now… finish the trilogy with…

Halloween, quite literally, ends with a bang, when Ed Savage is shot and falls from his helicopter. An escape of monumental proportions after nearly being killed by the deranged Claw Lakes Killer.
Could this be the end for Ed Savage?

All this action begins when Ed opens negotiations with Presser Pharmaceuticals’ mogul Steve Presser, to acquire the abandoned Faraday Tower for his old friend Tasker Grenning. Real estate takes a backseat when Tasker then talks Ed and the rest of the Savage brothers into joining him on the dating show, Eligible Husbands: New York.

Chaos erupts when a variety of horrific events come into play. From a premed student who is brutally murdered, to the Vreeland girls being violently attacked by a disturbed stalker, and the secret Dr. Blake Vreeland finally tells his brother Eric that had been kept locked and buried emerges to find its way to his demented brother, the psychopathic Dr. Todd, who finds his way out of imprisonment underneath Vreeland Hills Sanatorium – it seems no one will be able to escape their fate as death comes to visit them at Dancer Castle in Upstate New York.

Meanwhile…a lone woman investigates an old home on Claw Lakes. Discovering the hauntings, the ghosts that walk the old, wooden floors, she also uncovers secrets she never imagined…and a strange tie to Ed Savage is revealed.

Volume III is a truly exciting conclusion to “Ed Savage and the Savage Murders Trilogy” that delivers non-stop action, intrigue, and murder on a trip to Hell and back!

“Helicopters crashing…a mysterious girl with a knife in hand…families with secrets…killers on the loose…an underwater graveyard…and a jack o’ lantern of death atop a windmill that watches it all. This can ONLY be one series on the market today and it goes by the name of SAVAGE! If you wish to end a trilogy with a bang, this is the way to do it. Book III leaves you gasping for breath as you ‘run’ with Ed Savage and his brothers, their friends, and enemies, as a wealth of secrets and lies are uncovered. Have a lot of time on your hands before picking this up, because after the first paragraph, you will NOT want to put this down! 5 Stars!” – Amy Lignor, Bestselling Author of the Tallent & Lowery Adventures

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