Interview with ‘Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares’ Host Suzanne DeLaurentiis

Suzanne’s Saturday Night Scares – now available on Amazon Prime – sees legendary film producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis host classic horror movies and speak to some of the genre’s best-known talent.

-PH: What part of the country do you call home?

-Suzanne: That’s a tough one. I’m originally from Jersey, but I now live in LA. But I would have to say that the Jersey shore is close to my heart. 

-PH: And is that where you try and work, for the most part?

-Suzanne: I mostly work out of Los Angeles.

-PH: Did you shoot the series during the pandemic?

-Suzanne: I shot parts of it during the pandemic. We had a small crew and followed COVID guidelines.

-PH: It’s such a good show! And horror fans will really dig some of the guests you have, too!

Can you tease any more future guests?

-Suzanne: Thank you! Not at this time. We want to keep it a surprise.

-PH: How long had you been working on the show?

-Suzanne: We’ve been working on it for the past year.

-PH: What do you envision for the show?

-Suzanne: We would like to shoot close to 100 episodes. The first two are already on Apple TV and Amazon, and more will be going up ona additional platforms in the next couple of months. We feel like there is a big audience for old time classic horror.

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