Posters and Trailer Revealed for “The Hunting”

“Hunger runs deep” 


The genre specialized company Black Mandala presents the posters and trailer for its new monstrous film, The Hunting, directed by Mark Andrew Hamer (executive producer for I See You, with Helen Hunt). A story that takes place between disappearances and beasts that lurk in the dark, in a small town where you won’t dare to go out after midnight. Lots of blood spilled and an investigator who will give his life to discover what really happens.


When a mysterious animal attack leaves a mutilated body in the forest, a conservative smalltown detective must enlist the help of an eager wildlife specialist to uncover the dark and disturbing truth that threatens the town.

Cast: Peyton Hillis, Joelle Westwood, Joaquin Guerrero, Keith Migra, Angela Cole, Alan Tuskes, Heidi Azaro, Billy Grimm, Daniel Repas, and Matt Tifft.

Country: USA.

Direct by: Mark Andrew Hamer.

Script: Mark Andrew Hamer, Heather Ryan, Terrance Ryan.

Cinematography: Eddie Smith.

Music: Richard Maurer.

Art Direction: Sam Hudock.

Makeup Department: Jacki Kuehne, Heather Ryan, Alan Tuskes.

Producers: Mark Andrew Hamer, Heather Ryan, Terrance Ryan.

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