“This Book Gives Me The Best Vibe Of John Carpenter Meets The Monster Squad And A Dash of Frankenstein…”

Welcome to Stark Falls, New Hampshire, 1985.

A quaint, wholesome town, where couples picnic on the green, kids hang at the malt shop and drive-ins, and neighborhood potlucks are the place to be. White picket fences line well-manicured lawns, and evening concerts at the bandstand fill the town with the sound of joy.

But in the summer of ’85, the residents of Stark Falls will know fear.

A monster is on the loose.

A monster that may not be of this world.

“Patrick Moody paints compelling human portraits with his prose that morph into the stuff of nightmares.”

-John Ballentine, Creator of Campfire Radio Theater

“A love letter to classic horror tales, teeming with action and 80’s nostalgia. This book will make you want to grab the flashlight and go hunt some monsters.”

-Kim Ventrella, author of The Secret Life of Sam 

“For fans of Bradbury, Carpenter, and all things Stephen King, Patrick Moody’s CREATURES OF CLAY is a nostalgic dream, a throwback coming-of-age story of small-town horror in which a ragtag group of children reckon with a malevolent force that changes their lives forever. Familiar enough to be comforting, yet different enough to inspire admiration, I found myself rooting for The Crypt Crew. You will too.”

-Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of KIN and SOUR CANDY

“With Creatures of Clay, Patrick Moody weaves an exciting and scary tale for monster kids of all ages. If this book doesn’t make you want to start a Crypt Crew of your own… you might be a golem!”

-Matt Weinhold, writer: Beware the Batman (Cartoon Network), Stan Against Evil (IFC), co-host of Monster Party Podcast

“If you’re looking for a feel good, small-town, coming-of-age adventure with monsters and a splash of 80’s nostalgia, look no further than Creatures of Clay. I definitely see this as the start of a great YA adventure series. I hope we will see more of the Crypt Crew in the future.”

-Jon Donley, The Horror Tree

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About Author Patrick Moody

Patrick Moody is a novelist who works primarily in horror and science fiction. He is the author of The Gravedigger’s Son, and his short fiction has appeared in several anthologies including Halloween Horror Volume 2, A Monster Told Me Bedtime Stories: MONSTERS Vol. 7, Dark Moon Digest, and Lovecraft in a Time of Madness. He and his wife live outside New Haven, Connecticut.

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