Happy Tank Comics Announces Exclusive Variant Deal with Linebreakers Comic Book Store

Happy Tank Comics announces Ongoing Variant Deal with Linebreakers Comic Book Store

Behemoth Comics imprint Happy Tank Comics, whose MFKZ #1 comic book has just sold over 40,000 copies, announces a Variant Cover partnership with Victorville comic book shop Linebreakers for Happy Tank’s Entire Roster of Comics. Linebreakers (comicbooksurplus.com) will release an exclusive cover for each Happy Tank releases. 

This Happy Tank Comics/Linebreakers partnership will kick off with a jaw-dropping Linebreakers variant of Freak Snow – Issue 2 by Rob Cannon (above) and a forthcoming Turbo Kid variant cover from Spawn cover artist Björn Barends.

“It has been awesome to join forces with Happy Tank! We have done some dope stuff already and all of us at Linebreakers are looking forward to the real amazing things that will come from this partnership! Make ours an indie,” says Linebreaker business owner Denton Heath.

“Its been incredible going from a small local shop, to the biggest shop within 30 miles and now also worldwide. This has a lot to do with the dope indie/creator owned exclusives we have been putting out. As well as helping to drive the direct market market and do our part to keep the industry rolling. We are a Full Service Local Comicshop, not an online only variant retailer. We look forward to playing with the big boys and it all starts with our partnership with Happy Tank.”

Happy Tank Comics co-founder and Publisher, Kevin Roditeli echoes this sentiment.

“Linebreakers were one of the first retailers to believe in our vision and lineup. They are with us since our first release Freak Snow #1. They ordered over 700 copies and destroyed the 1000 copies ordered on our second series MFKZ #1,” says Roditeli. “Linebreakers and their customers are already a ‘love story’ for us. It was natural to get married. We are happy and excited by this partnership!”

Happy Tank Comics fans will be thrilled to find out this will include the following titles:

Freak Snow #1 to #4
MFKZ #1 to #6
Cinnamon #1 to #3
Turbo Kid #1 to #2

And all future releases.

Local comic book collectors and fans alike can order these Happy Tank Comics variants in-store or through Linebreakers website comicbooksurplus.com .

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