Industrial Band MICROWAVED Addresses Loss With ‘Save Me’

Electro-Industrial band MICROWAVED has just unleashed their new EP, Save Me. The video for the title track featuring BOW EVER DOWN made its premiere on ReGen Magazine HERE.

The EP contains 16 tracks, 14 of which will be available on streaming platforms June 12th. The Bandcamp release will contain two bonus tracks: a collaboration with LIEBCHEN on a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” and an additional remix from the talented and outstanding remix artist Steven Olaf.

Save Me refers to the album’s theme of loss.  Gabe Wilkinson, the founder of MICROWAVED says: “All of my songs seem to be about loss, addiction or monsters. These songs fall into the loss of love category. This record for me is also about taking these songs and expanding my musical vocabulary. It’s about stretching some mental muscles and playing with ideas I may not have been very comfortable with.”


MICROWAVED’s latest release Save Me sees the band collaborating with Kimberley of BOW EVER DOWN, Nathan of milkfixer and Mitch of DOOMSLAYER each lending their unique vocal talents to MICROWAVED’s cold wave creations. Save Me also has many different remixes from varying artists starting with pilgrimOmega (keyboard player for MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE) to I YA TOYAH and SPANKTHENUN plus many of the friends that founder Gabe Wilkinson has made through the years

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MICROWAVED started as an outlet for Gabe Wilkinson while he was playing in other bands. It’s something that was different than what he was getting from playing in metal bands as a keyboard/sampler. Taken from the name of a Pitchshifter song, MICROWAVED was born.

Wilkinson has had an extensive career in the music industry, doing everything from playing shows and writing music to booking clubs and writing for various music magazines since the early 90’s. Throughout his tenure in the industry, Wilkinson has managed to play with bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, Combichrist, Hate Dept., Sister Machine Gun, Cattle Decapitation, System of a Down and countless national, regional and local bands.

Gabe Wilkinson will take MICROWAVED and continue to produce music and put out the best he absolutely can, sharing his vision of love, death, sex, addiction, horror and loss.

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