Interview with “Future Fear” Director Ken May

We speak to FUTURE FEAR director Ken May on his new sci-fi actioner, out now On Demand from Wild Eye Releasing…

-Ken: How did you break into the business, sir?

-PH: This is really one of my favourite stories. I never thought I’d be an actor, although I’d always had dreams about it. One day, my band was playing in a remote town in the California desert. In attendance was Otis Johnson, a former actor, now a director, who was prepping for his first feature film. We became friends, and when he put out a casting call later, I signed up as an extra. Well, long story short, one of his lead villains dropped out and Otis found out I’d had a little Shakespeare experience, and had done a radio show, on top of my musical performance ability. So, he took a chance on me, and gave me a lead role. We pulled it off, and that made me realize this whole film thing was possible. I’m happy I was able to return the favor to Otis here.

-PH: Did you have encouraging folks?

-Ken: In academics, but they’re very conservative, so I don’t really keep them updated on what I do in film haha.

-PH: Was the movie of choice at the homestead usually a horror or sci-fi movie?

-Ken: Good question! It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I feel more like sci-fi adventure, but I do tend to default to horror.

-PH: What were some of your faves growing up?

-Ken: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, Child’s Play, and all the cheesy films that would show up on Joe Bob Brigg’s Drive-in show. I used to love watching those with my dad.

-PH: What came first here – the script or the main characters?

-Ken: Usually the script. I get the broad strokes in my head, then the characters tend to follow from that. I think about who would be responding in such a situation.

-PH: Did you always intend on directing, or was there a time you considered selling off the script?

-Ken: Just like with acting, I never intended to direct, but projects just kept pushing me in that direction. It’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding!

-PH: Any characters in here based on yourself?

-Ken: Not really! I wrote these characters based off of the actors, and they all did fantastically!

-PH: How did you discover the wonderful Kaylith Von Kola?

-Ken: We worked together on Welcome to Grindhaus, and became fast friends after that! She’s like a sister to me at this point. I’m always amazed at how talented and creative she is!

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