Fear Crypt is Set to Premiere the Horror Short ‘Elysia’

Fear Crypt’s ‘Elysia’ will premiere on the FEAR CRYPT channel on Wed 21st at 8pm EST

When a vampire’s child dies of old age after refusing to be turned, it drives his mother to extreme lengths to fill the void needed.

Starring: Rachel Donahue, Chloe Carroll, Wesley Holloway, and Bob Heath

Directed by: Wesley Mellott


Houston Horror Film Festival 2021

Other Worlds Film Festival 2020

HorrorHound Film Festival 2021

Bucks Fever Film Fest 2020

First Glance Film Festival 2021

PA Horror Con & film Festival 2021

Panic Fest Presents: Trick or Treats 2020

International Vampire Film and Arts Film Festival 2020

Watch it on the Fear Crypt YouTube Channel Wednesday, the 21st at 8pm EST!!!

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