Winchester Mystery House® Comes to Life in a New Board Game

Winchester Mystery House teams with Deep Water Games on Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House®

From Deep Water Games and The Winchester Mystery House LLC comes Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House, based on the most extraordinary and bizarre house ever built. It is a sequel to Deep Water’s 2020 release Floor Plan, which was nominated for the Board Game Geek Award and is now on its 4th printing. Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House will be available in retail stores across the U.S. in Spring 2022.

In Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House, players take on the role of an architect designing the house for Sarah Winchester. Each round, a pair of dice are rolled, and players act simultaneously, using the dice to design the most mysterious and eccentric estate in the
world. The design goals featured in the game are all real architectural and design features of the Winchester Mystery House, ranging from room designs to decor. One game might have you building the iconic Seance room, while another might spotlight the Daisy Bedroom where Sarah Winchester was allegedly trapped during the 1906 earthquake. Each game features a different six of the thirty goals, so when you play again, you’ll have a whole new experience. After all, Sarah is always building…

“Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House brings new and accessible gameplay to the Floor Plan line, from building on multiple levels using dry erase transparencies to the new unlockable Spirit bonuses,” says game designer John Brieger. “Living just a few miles from the Winchester Mystery House, it’s been incredibly fun bringing such an iconic local landmark to life.”

Winchester Mystery House is a landmark mansion in San Jose, CA, once the personal residence of Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester and heiress to a large portion of the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune. After losing her husband and child, Sarah left their home in New Haven, CT and moved out west to San Jose, where she bought an eight-room farmhouse and began what could only be described as the world’s longest home renovation. Construction continued around the clock for 38 years, as the original home grew into the world’s most unusual and sprawling mansion in what some say was an effort to confuse any spirits bent on seeking revenge for their death by rifle.

“Deep Water Games is proud to be working with the Winchester Mystery House and Brieger Creative on this project, and we couldn’t be more excited about what we have in store for you,” says Deep Water Games President Jacob Way.

“Winchester Mystery House is undoubtedly one of the most uniquely designed homes in the world, so we were thrilled when the design team at Deep Water Games approached us,” said Walter Magnuson, General Manager of the Winchester Mystery House. “The Floor Plan game feels like a natural fit for Sarah Winchester’s incredible home. We hope that after playing, Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House, even more fans will be inspired to come visit.”

Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House is designed by John Brieger of Brieger Creative. Brieger is a board game developer based in Sunnyvale, CA with a background in qualitative research. After leaving Apple, he founded the board game development studio Brieger Creative. Brieger Creative are the developers on the original Floor Plan game, which was designed by Marek Tupy, as well as on several other roll and write style games, including Cartographers and Long Shot the Dice Game.

Deep Water Games is a Midwest publisher and distributor of board games and board game accessories. Deep Water Games is a division of Ox Eye Media.

Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House is the second collaboration between The Winchester Mystery House LLC and Ox Eye Media after The Winchester Mystery House comic series releasing in October. Published by Source Point Press, the comic series is a masterfully crafted horror tale written by Joshua Werner and illustrated by Dustin Irvin, taking readers into the non-stop construction of “The house that spirits built.”

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