International Infamy with Ashley Flowers – New Episodes Available Now

2 brand-new episodes of International Infamy with Ashley Flowers, available now on Spotify!

Last week’s episode explored one of Germany’s most infamous unsolved crimes, The Hinterkaifeck Massacre. As a build-up of suspicious activity worsened around a family’s farmstead – thuds in the attic, doors moving on their own, footprints, a missing house key, a mangled lock – they hoped it was all a coincidence, until they were violently murdered on March 31st, 1922. In the days that followed, there remained mysterious signs that someone was occupying the house, and the villagers eventually noticed that the farm had become eerily quiet. Ashley Flowers looks into the strange sources police used to find over 100 suspects in the case, with the killer still remaining unidentified to this day…

  • Listen to “GERMANY: The Hinterkaifeck Murders”: HERE

○      Description: On March 31st, 1922, an entire family was violently murdered on their farm. The gruesome investigation revealed a web of village feuds, incest, and even claims of paranormal activity. The massacre remains Germany’s most incredible unsolved case.

Today’s latest episode travels to an area of southeast Ireland, come to be known as the “Vanishing Triangle,” where there has been a disturbing pattern of women disappearing abruptly into thin air for over the past 40 years. The Wicklow Mountains at the heart of the region look like paradise at first glance, but the mountains are dense making them nearly impossible to investigate. As the violence still continues in the region today, Ashley Flowers dives into the immensely unsettling recurrences of missing women and the striking lack of evidence.

  • Listen to “IRELAND: The Vanishing Triangle”: HERE

○      Description: An hour outside of Dublin, the scenic Wicklow Mountains and surrounding towns have developed a dark reputation. Inexplicable disappearances and unsolved murders have plagued the area for four decades, prompting the creation of a special task force to investigate whether the cases were the work of a serial killer.

In International Infamy, Ashley explores international cases for the first time, breaking down interesting and high-profile crimes from a foreign country in each episode, while sharing the twists and turns of the case and also exploring the cultural details that make the stories unique. Ashley has demonstrated her ability to tap into the mystery and history genres with her existing Parcast podcasts (Supernatural, Very Presidential), and in this new show, she continues her passion for true crime but with an international twist.


International Infamy with Ashley Flowers is the first Spotify podcast to launch day in date across the USA, Mexico, and Brazil. Every episode, Ashley will break down interesting and high profile crimes from a foreign country, sharing the twists and turns of the case while also exploring the cultural details that make the stories unique. Ashley has demonstrated her ability to tap into the mystery and history genres with her existing Parcast podcasts (Supernatural, Very Presidential), and in this new show, she returns to true crime but with an international twist.

Every few decades, there is a crime that rocks the entire country – the Lindbergh kidnapping, the Manson Family Murders, OJ Simpon, etc. – and these infamous stories have become part of America’s cultural DNA. Every country around the world has at least (1) case of this nature, some of which are almost too shocking to believe, and International Infamy will explore (15) different crimes from (15) different countries, including: in France, a conman whose charade ends in mass murder. In Mexico, a masked wrestler turned serial killer. In Iceland, six people confess to a murder that never actually happened. And more.


 Ashley Flowers is the Founder & CEO of audiochuck, a female-focused podcast network. In addition to her work executive producing and hosting audiochuck shows, she also hosts Supernatural and Very Presidential for Parcast. Ashley was born and raised in the midwest and has been true-crime obsessed since birth. She grew up with aspirations of becoming a detective and solving cold cases, and ultimately went to college at Arizona State University to study biomedical research. After college, she got a job doing genetics research at the University of Notre Dame. She eventually moved into software sales, and was working at a local software company in Indiana when she was drawn to the idea of working back in her original passion, and began producing podcasts.

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