Red Cape Publishing are Pleased to Announce the Release of ‘Appletown’ by Antoinette Corvo on October 8th

Blurb: From Antoinette Corvo, author of Dirges in the Dark, The Ivory Tower, and The Cat That Caught the Canary comes Appletown

Melanie Magoo has a condition, a form of amnesia coupled with horrific nightmares, which has controlled her entire life. When a gruesome double murder takes place on Mel’s campus, she realises that things are not as they seem. Her only hope for answers is to return to her childhood home in Appletown and confront her estranged mother. She soon discovers that the town hides a secret much darker than anyone could imagine, and Mel finds herself hunted by creatures of indescribable horror. Appletown is an epic tale of dark fantasy and horror, filled with shocking twists and unlike anything you’ve read before. Enter if you dare, a feast awaits…

Available to pre-order on Kindle now at

Paperback coming October 8th to Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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