Deeply Disturbing Cult Tale, THE FAMILY, To Have Its World Premiere At The Busan International Film Festival

The Busan International Film Festival will be hosting the World Premiere of The Family, a beautifully shot and deeply disturbing genre film by creative duo Dan Slater (director, co-writer) and Adam Booth (producer, co-writer) of West FILM.

The Family delves into brooding and unpredictable family ethics. The feature redefines the notion of terror and explores psychological and physical trauma in a genre-bending sinister tale. Raised to fear what lurks beyond the borders of their farm, a young family must free themselves from the tyrannical rule of their merciless Father and Mother.

World Premiere in Busan

Playing Oct 8th @ 7:00PM

Oct 9th @ 7:30PM

Oct 12th @ 2:30PM

Venue: Centum City

In the presence of director Dan Slater


The Family Jenna Warren – Abigail PHOTO: Courtesy of West Film

The Family was filmed during COVID and respected all the industry rules and regulations. The feeling of isolation in the movie also speaks to the pandemic and lockdowns in our recent lives. The co-writers Slater and Booth were inspired by the vulnerability of people and the ability of cults to exploit their fears and beliefs to separate them from the rest of the world. This reflection led the filmmakers to invent a cult religion from scratch.

“We’ve both always been fascinated by the idea of cults and people in society being indoctrinated by their beliefs, and how many times, you simply believe what you were raised to know. It’s ingrained in you from birth. Why would you question it?” says producer Adam Booth. 

“It’s hard to imagine how people are able to escape the clutches of a cult when they become that person’s entire existence. We began exploring what it would be to question your whole world with the consequences being mental and physical harm or even death,” adds director Dan Slater.

The Family Toni Ellwand – Mother Nigel Bennett – Father Photo: Courtesy of West Film

Starring Nigel Bennett (Father), Benjamin Charles Watson (Caleb), Jenna Warren (Abigail), Toni Ellwand (Mother), Keana Lyn (Mary), and Yasmin MacKay (Evelyn), the film is co-written by Dan Slater and Adam Booth. Directed by Dan Slater. Produced by Adam Booth and Cristian de la Rosa. Executive Produced by Bo Ko and Carlo Liconti. Cinematography by Adam Madrzyk. Production Design by Mercedes Coyle. Edited by Sydney Cowper. Hair & Makeup Design by Raquel Dailey. Score by Dillon Baldassero. Color by Clinton Homuth – ART JAIL. Sound Mix by Dane Kelly.

The Family Nigel Bennett (Father) & Keana Lyn (Mary) Photo: Courtesy of West Film

For more information about The Family, please follow the links below:


Instagram: @_TheFamilyFilm

Twitter: @_TheFamilyFilm


Production Company: www.West.Film

Hashtag: TheFamilyFeatureFilm

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