New Horror-Magic Play ‘Nightmare Magic’ Comes to London Horror Festival

Theatre fan faints onstage during horror play.

A volunteer collapsed onstage during a segment of new horror-magic play ‘Nightmare Magic.’

“The audience thought it was a part of the show,” says venue manager Dave Morrison, who witnessed the event.

“I’d hoped the show would be scary, I just didn’t expect it would be that scary,” says writer and performer David Alnwick, who was forced to catch the volunteer as they fainted during an interactive part of the performance.

“The show is a ghost story told using magic and I expected I’d have to end the performance,” says David, “But after they woke up, they insisted I carry on so they could see how it ends.”

The show debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to sell-out crowds and will be performed as part of London Horror Festival this October.

“We’re excited to host the show just in time for Halloween,” says Katy Danbury, director of London Horror Fest.

The show takes place at the Pleasance London on the 28th and 29th October.

Tickets: LHF: David Alnwick’s Nightmare Magic | Pleasance Theatre Trust

Full Programme:

Pleasance Box Office: 020 7609 1800

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