SCREAM OF THE BLIND DEAD Premieres December 17th Exclusively on the Full Moon Features Channel

From DELIRIUM Films:


New experimental horror feature offers an impression of Amando de Ossorios’s classic Spanish film franchise

From director, composer, writer and DELIRIUM magazine editor Chris Alexander comes SCREAM OF THE BLIND DEAD, a surreal experimental horror film inspired by the iconic Spanish “Blind Dead” films created by director Amando de Ossorio in the 1970s. The film features Alexander regulars Stephanie Delorme, Ali Chappell and Thea Munster and features the voice of cult Eurohorror actress – and the star of de Ossorio’s original 1971 classic TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD – Lone Fleming.

Synopsis: Virginia (Delorme) wanders a deserted, haunted landscape and wakes up the ghost of an ancient and bloodthirsty blind female knight (Munster). As the wraith relentlessly pursues her prey, the truth about Virginia’s dark past is revealed.

SCREAM OF THE BLIND DEAD is the second picture from DELIRIUM Films, Full Moon’s more avant garde label and the cinematic offshoot of their DELIRIUM magazine. Like its predecessor, IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE (out now on Full Moon Features and Amazon Prime), SCREAM OF THE BLIND DEAD is heavily influenced by European exploitation and underground cinema. The picture is intended as a stylistic and thematic impression of de Ossorio’s four Blind Dead films – TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, ATTACK OF THE BLIND DEAD, THE GHOST GALLEON and NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS – but is still very much in line with the director’s personal style.

SCREAM OF THE BLIND DEAD premieres this Friday, December 17th exclusively on the Full Moon Features channel and app, with a premiere on Amazon Prime (US, UK and Germany) to follow on December 27th.

Watch the trailer HERE.

About Chris Alexander:

Chris Alexander is a Canadian writer, editor, music composer and filmmaker. From 2009-2015 he served as the editor-in-chief of the American horror film magazine FANGORIA and is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of cult film magazine DELIRIUM. Alexander has also edited and published several licensed magazines for the iconic rock band KISS. He is the writer, director and composer of the avant garde horror films BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD, BLOOD DYNASTY, FEMALE WEREWOLF, SPACE VAMPIRE, NECROPOLIS: LEGION, IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE and GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR. As a musician he has released the albums MUSIC FOR MURDER, BLUE EYES OF THE BROKEN DOLL,THEY DRINK YOUR BLOOD and BODY DOUBLE. For more on Alexander’s work visit

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